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Informational Documents

GSS Security Services
GSS Guard Code of Conduct
GSS Customer Service Creed

The files above are for general reference and can be downloaded without a password.


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Health & Safety - Safe at Work Ontario

Safety is NOT a Priority - Training Video
Right to Know Prevention Poster
Form 82...1,2,3,4 poster WSIB
Health Safety AODA Violence Policies

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EMPLOYEES: Please watch the video and refer to the files above to understand the basic requirements for your Ontario "Health & Safety" program.

Health and Safety for Workers 4 Steps Workbook
Worker Health and Safety Awareness in Four Steps (2017 Quiz)
Health and Safety for Supervisors 5 Steps Workbook
Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness in Five Steps (2017 Quiz)

EMPLOYEES: To be compliant with Ontario's "Health & Safety" - Safe at Work Ontario program you must complete either the 1. "Worker" In 4 Steps training, or both 2. "Supervisor" in 5 Steps training. Review the booklet for the program and then complete the "Quiz".


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The "Material Handling Material Information System" has been recently updated and now reflects a more global approach to Material Handling and Safety. The New Program is now called WHMIS 2015. Please watch the video, review the PowerPoint presentation and posters, then click on the link below to review the material and take a quiz. Once you have completed the quiz online, print and save your certificate. Email the completed certificate to the office and you will be up to date on this important topic.

External link opens in new tab or windowWHMIS 2015 Online Training

External link opens in new tab or windowClick on the above link to take you to the website where you can complete your required WHMIS 2015 compliance training, complete with printable certificate. Thank you to AXIS SAFETY ( for the link to their website.

WHIMS 2015 Documents

WHMIS_2015 Training Presentation
WHMIS_2015 Poster
WHMIS after GHS Poster
WHMIS 2015 Overview Video


Human Resource Documents

Please review the document files below and use this information for your reference. Check back often as files will be added for your update and reference. You can print many of these files if you require a hard-copy.

How Security Guards can write Incident Reports in 5 Easy Steps
ESA Ontario Poster 2015
Daily Occurrence Report
Bullying and Respect Poster
Workplace Violence Poster
Healthy Minds and Habits Poster
Handling Don't Slip Poster
PPE Safety Poster

Some Files Password Protected